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Promoting Art, Creativity and Imagination.

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ECLECTIC GRAPH ARTLETS is an independent firm founded in 1997.

MISSION: Promoting Art, Creativity and Imagination.

Art, the most enigmatic endeavor of humanity, based on philosophy, science,
and imagination, creates objects with untangible use and unuterable impact.

Each creative process consists of numerous steps. Some of those steps deliver elemental pieces, small results that can be interesting or valuable for reviewing individually, long before the whole work is accomplished or the final goal attained. In order to recognize the laboring effort in that timely process I have forged a term - ARTLET. Its meaning should be intuitive. Some of the pieces shown here are result of those small steps or experimental phases thus should be referred to as artlets.


Slavica M., the author of this web site and here featuring artist. SM Biography

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1. SM Artlet

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